Bồn Trộn Foam Di Dộng

Mô tả

Mô tả : 1. equipped with a foam nozzle, a foam inductor (2.5″ instant hose coupling) and 2 roll of fire hose
2.Mixing Ratio: 3% or 6%
4. Flow: 4L/S or 8L/S
5. Range: ≥20m
Chi tiết :
Mobile  Foam Proportioning Unit Tank, Foam Cart (PY)


The mobile foam cart is applied in fire of class A and mixed fire of class A and class B. It can be used independently or cooperate with large scale fixed foam extinguishing system. The prominent advantages are that it’s very convenient and used along with foam guns and foam generate system to compose low, middle and high expansion foam extinguishing system.


This system contains units of foam tank, foam inductor, fire hose, foam nozzle and control valves. Foam inductor works as the venturi principle to get foam solution as a certain ratio. The tank has two optional foam nozzles, PQ4 and PQ8

Range of Application:

1.  Oil field, oil refinery, enterprises of oil and chemical and oil transportation port.

2.  Hangar, garage, warehouse and gas station.

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