Đầu dò khí CO HORING NDKB1


Mô tả

Đầu dò khí CO HORING NDKB1


– Triple-color LED display with high brightness enables viewers to easily identify the status of detector.

– Green LED to confirm the unit is under normal operation.

– Two modes of the Alarm LED in visible and audible warning to easily identify the status.

– Three modes of the Fault LED in visible and audible warning to easily identify the causes.

– Test button for alarm simulation.

– A set of relay output: COM. N.O. N.C.


– Home: The heating installation such as gas water heater or stove is easy to combust incompletely and then produces CO.

– Parking lots and garage: the scooter/cars or engine machine exhausts fumes with high concentration of CO in an enclosed space.

– Fire: Smolder is a kind of incomplete combustion. It often occurs before and after the fire as a disaster and produce a large amount of CO.


Model NDKB1
Type System
Power Source 12-24V DC
Standby Current 800uA
Alarm Current under 40mA
Sensitivity 50 ppm: 60~90 min.
100 ppm: 10~40 min.
300 ppm: 0~3 min.
Alarm Sound 85dB/3M and above
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Material Fire-proof plastic
Color White
Dimensions 102 mm(Dia.) x 45mm(H)
Weight About 150g

– Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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