Deluge Valve

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Mô tả : Diaphragm deluge valve
whi alarm system
equipped with solenoid valve DC 24V
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Sprinkler System Deluge Valve, Alarm Check Valve (ZSFG) 

The deluge alarm valve is the ancillary facility of sprinkler system and it often cooperates with automatic fire alarm system to achieve remote control. It allows water flow to sprinkler unidirectionally and alarms at the same time.

The valve body was divided into three cavities: upper cavity, under cavity and control cavity. When a fire happens, the fire alarm system probes it and starts the solenoid valve to make the pressurized water in control cavity flows out. Thus pressure in control cavity drops, valve flap opens and water flows to system pipe and was transported to sprinklers when force on valve flap assembly applied by rocker is smaller than that applied by water supply. Besides, water motor alarm works and pressure switch motions to start alarms.


It is widely used in wet deluge system, dry deluge system, pre-acting system, water mist and drencher system. It is also applied with foam extinguishing system to constitute the foam spray system and applied in explosive and flammable fire disasters.

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