Manual Water Monitor

Mô tả

Mô tả : 1.rated flow: 32L/S
2.working pressure: 0.5-1.2MPa
3.water inlet flange: DN100
4.-30°~+70°pitching rotation and 360°horizontal rotation.
Chi tiết :
Worm Gear Manual Foam Monitor Foam and Water Dual Monitor  


The worm gearing manual foam monitor is also the foam amd water dual fire monitor. Both water and foam solution can be applied in this model. It is a manul  monitor but it uses the worm gearing to operate instead of operating directly


1. Concentrated jet flow and long range.

2. Large action area and multi-function.

3. Easy to operate and the barrel can either rotate or fasten.

4. Can be equipped on all kinds of fire trucks, fire boats, high platforms, fixed monitor towers and fire pipelines.


The worm gearing manual foam monitor also consists of base, shell body, nozzle, barrel and horizontal swing mechanism. What differs is that this model adjusts angle by worm gearing. Foam solution flows into shell from base and was atomized when it pass the nozzle. Monitor inhales air to make foam solution become foam and shoot out from barrel. Operators can adjust its pitching and horizontal angle while using.

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