Tunnel Foam Cabinet/Outside Fire Cabinet

Mô tả

Mô tả : The unit contian:
1.hydrant box
2.fire hydrant (DN65)
3.fire hose reel (25m long)
4.fire hose (25m long)
5.fire water gun
6.stainless steel 30 liter foam tank(without foam concentrate)
7.foam proportioner (copper)
Chi tiết :
Tunnel Dedicated Foam Fire Cabinet


The tunnel dedicated foam hydrant cabinet mainly consists of cabinet, fire hose reel, foam concentrate tank,  proportioner, foam nozzle and dry powder extinguishers.

The unit is easy to use that it works as long as there is pressurized water. Foam system is used for liquid combustible fire and insoluble and uncharged solid combustible fire. For charged solid and gas combustible fire, there are dry powder extinguishers available in this system.


1. Highway tunnel, railway tunnel.

2. Chemical factory workshop, storeroom, garage, hangar.

3. Marine, wharf

4.  Other crowded entertainment venues and public place.

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